You must have seen TV shows broadcasted on Wildlife channels such as National Geographic or Discovery where the show host is spending time in the middle of forests and deserts. Especially, those shows in which the area of Sahara Desert is shown. The shelter they use to stay is either a bunch of Mobile Tents or a couple of African Tents(if the crew is larger). Well, it seems pretty dangerous to see a crew living in a place where there is so much risk of wildlife and a shelter is just made of canvas, rods etc. Well, despite being a very open kinda shelter, the African Tents absorbs lots of ways to secure themselves from the wildlife. Even, when ancient human used to live in these tents they had multiple ways through which they used to save themselves as well as their tents. Also, an African tent is not only a single type of tent. It holds varieties of the tent inside. Like, an African tent could be a very simple one or luxurious but very safe(for Safari) or it can be very luxurious like cottage tents(for Resorts). Though, the real fun of African tents is when you get to use them while camping in remote places. Like some remote forest, Sahara desert or Thar desert, etc. Traditional African Tents were made to maintain a good flow of air and they were not much advised to use in Snowy areas with very low temperature. But, with the advancement of technology, mankind has even evolved in Tents and that resulted in all-round usage of African Tents as well. So, let us know more about African Tents and the experience they provide.

Now, what is exactly an African Tent?
How does it look like?

Well, African Tents are a type of shelter used for camping in remote areas since a very old time. This type of tent became famous as African Tents because they were majorly used in Africa and even now at remote places of Sahara or some other parts of Africa.
As I have said above an African Tent can be very simple to very luxurious depending upon the usage. For Safaris, mainly a very safer version of African Tents are used to keep the risk of Wildlife at bay. An African Tent in older times was mainly made by using ropes, bamboo or other sturdy sticks. And obviously, the canvas will be used. But canvas in earlier times was not in existence. So, they used to apply broader leaves or stitched leaves from trees. Even animal skin was used in some places in Africa at that time. But, now there is almost no tent which is made like this. Every other tent, even in Africa is made by using good quality of the canvas and bamboo/rods with sturdier ropes.
How an African Tent looks from outside and inside completely depends upon the type of tent.
For example, if you are out on a Safari and for staying In a remote desert you are using a tent then it will look like any other normal tent with loaded security and fireplace outside(if needed). There are no lights but lanterns. Though, some people have started avoiding vintage-style lanterns and are using electric torches and electric lamps. But even nowadays, some wise people keep at least one fireplace around themselves to avoid the risk of Wildlife attacks. The interior of an African Tent(Safari) is much similar than any other tent but if very much focused on the theme then it will have lanterns inside rather than electric lamps.
Now, what if we are staying in African Tents made in Resorts?
How do they look like?
So, African Tents which are made in Resorts are very exotic. Some resorts do make it stick much on the theme and electric lamps, as well as modern technology, is avoided. But, if something is very much needed to not harm the experience of the tourists then the resort staff will modify their theme. African Tent in Resorts are Cottage Tents overall with African Touch.
Be it a Safari or a stay at some resort, African Tents are always up for a unique experience.

African Tents in India: Are they worth it?

The wish of spending at least one small chunk of life in the desert is something most of us have in our bucket list (at least in one corner of our heart).
Now, if you are from India then Rajasthan is the name which comes to your mind when you hear the word, “Desert”. Thar desert of Rajasthan is not only famous for Indian tourists but a range of foreign Safari enthusiasts pay a visit to this place too. There are various packages and trip plans by a plethora of agencies based on this place. But, the best experience which everyone awaits eagerly is ” Camping in Thar”.
Though, being a desert area, camping enthusiasts use African Tents sometimes when they are out on Safari rather than their Mobile Tents. Well, some Mobile tents are also made with an Afro Touch. There are lanterns, fireplace, a bonfire in the middle much similar to how Africans do while camping. Also, the tent is made so to ignore the summer heat.
In India, places near Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaipur, etc can provide you with an African Experience of Camping.
Now is it worth to spend time in an African Tent?
Let me clear this thought. African Tents are a variant of Tents which can only impact your stay but not the tour. If the tour agency you have opted is well experienced then they will provide you with their best service and any type of tent will do.
But, why to choose African Tents?
It is so to gain the experience which ancient people do. Sometimes, heat in Rajasthan will be so much effective that it will be not very comfortable to stay in Mobile Tents. Before camping in Thar, your guide will tell you everything and here African tents come to the rescue.

Those days are gone when camping was considered as a trip in woods or some remote place and tying up a tent with a bed and essentials only. With the world moving so fast ahead, we are adapting the good side of Royal Maharajas and Senapatis who used to build their tents or pandals very luxurious. A king’s tent is ensured to have high level of safety, comfort, amenities and much more which can be added.
The real example of this can be drawn from emerging tour agents who are now giving you a complete Maharaja treatment provides best service in the whole country. The hospitality provided by them is unmatched but for that you need to pick the authentic ones.
Now why we are saying so much about the hospitality?
Well, it is not easy to provide top notch level of facilities in the scorching heat of desert especially for people who are vulnerable to change in climatic and geographical conditions. Cottage Tents have all special amenities required for people who are seeking luxurious and Royal facilities away from home. Though, it takes some time for resorts or travel agencies to built them and hence they are pre-located or built at a fixed place before your arrival.
Let us know more about Cottage Tents which can enhance your experience of camping to a next level.

What amenities do Cottage Tents have and how they are made?

Cottage tents are made with utmost care to ensure their quality. After all the amount which is to be paid for staying in a Cottage Tent is higher as compared to other facilities.
First a platform is made by joining bricks. The brick is laid by a mixture of mud and sand. It is now left to dry under the sun. Now around the platform, required number of holes are bored, all holes are filled with rod and those rods are stiffened by crushed rocks and bricks. A strong structure of Bamboo and Pipes are also bored upon the platform. They are then covered with a tough clothe which is then covered with Tarpaulin. Edges of these clothes are tied with rope and that rope is tied on all the rods below the platform.
Cottage Tents are filled with all those facilities which can provide you a comfortable experience. Some cottage tents are like a 5-star hotel suite. They will have a very beautiful linen over a very soft bed. The quilt are made to provide surplus comfort level. Also, the floor carpet is made by local cultural artists and is ensured to look beautiful. The lighting is ample and there is Air Condition in the room too. These tents are either provided with attached washroom or external bathroom depending upon the provider. Some Cottage Tents have a courtyard and a bedroom as well. Some also have additionals such as a Kitchen, Jacuzzi, etc. especially for people who have planned long stay or have specific demands. In fact, some cottage tents are made like real simplex cottages as well. There will be a swimming pool as well as lawn too. These facilities sometimes surpass the comfort and luxury provided by star rated hotels.

Which is Better: Cottage Tent or Star Hotel Suite?

Now, you must be in a real fix.
Like, what should you really opt for while you are out for camping? On one hand there are independent luxurious cottage tents while on the other there are Luxurious suites. It’s all set on individual preferences but let’s go for a proper analysis of both these facilities.

Let’s suppose the tour is of Rajasthan and we have to decide whether we have to go for a Hotel Suite or a Cottage Tent. Well, if your tour is majorly based on camping and Safari then it is always advised to stay in a camp and have the real feel of desert. But, if you landed in Rajasthan for a quick tour of the city then Hotels are better. Talking about the facilities provided by each of them, both Cottage Tents and Hotel Suites provide exceptionally well services. But some small things still differentiate both of them. Like, if you are staying in a Cottage house then you are getting sheer independence inside the tent and it anyhow keeps you close to nature. This is not in case of some Hotels, but every issue here is not too bad that it can’t be heard or too good that it can make you happy. So, whether it is a Hostel Suite or Cottage tent, which will be better completely depends upon the
Places in India with Cottage Tents

Mountain Camping at India

Himalayan Trekking or Camping is mostly famous in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is the most famous destination for Himalayan Camping and guess what? It has some really beautiful Cottage tents with lush green flooring of natural grass. The cool and calmness of the weather will fill you with eternal bliss and if you are staying in a beautiful tent house then it’s like the icing on a cake.

Beaches of India

If we are talking about Indian beaches and not including Goa then it will be big blunder. Goa is famous for some of the best Luxurious Cottage Tents in India. At Agonda beach, there are several cottages with good quality of service and commendable facilities. It feels really good to enjoy the cool sea breeze and forget all your stress.

Deserts of India

There is a long list when it comes to beautiful desert locations in India. And all the famous desert destinations are situated in Rajasthan. From Jaisalmer to Mount Abu, there are tent house available in almost every other famous place of Rajasthan. You can’t match the hospitality of Rajasthan tourism with any other tourism service in India. Even, the facilities inside Cottage Tent houses of Rajasthan are much better than some beautiful hotels. The complete Maharaja treatment awaits you in Rangeelo Rajasthan.

The fastest way of building shelter while on a trip.
Once in a lifetime, everyone has the dream of touring outside at those places which are much better than the hustle-bustle of our daily life. The struggle to maintain ourselves in the outside world drains us quickly and we always are in search of break whenever we get exhausted. The comeback we do after returning from breaks completely depends upon the kind of break we have taken. Like, if it rejuvenates or refreshes our inner self then voila! you will do a very strong comeback to work. Tours are done for this purpose only.
But, in remote places, it’s very tough to arrange a trip. Like, there is always so much concern related to safety, food and shelter.

Wait, what? Shelter?
This wasn’t a concern even at the time of ancient people as tents were always up for our rescue.

But wait, why on earth someone will dig a hole, place strong rods in it and tie a complete tent?
Come on, that’s very time consuming and nobody is up to do that thing when they are on a trip. People are out for enjoying the scenic view not for preparing tents everywhere, that’s very time consuming and takes effort.

Oh, come on! Haven’t you heard about Mobile Tents? Please come out from the old-time when a small tent used to mean a complete tying up of clothes, bamboos or rods and making a shelter for 2-3 hours. At least you must have seen in movies or wildlife shows when people inside the show live in a tent which looks very stylish and compact. Those tents are Mobile Tents. Let’s know more about this small and quick technique of building a shelter on a trip.

What is exactly a Mobile Tent?
A Mobile Tent is a very compact and portable type of tent used in camping. It provides instant shelter to tourists no matter what is the place. Mobile Tents come in various variants like waterproof, winter tents, heatproof and even scratchproof in some cases. These tents are also used by army officers who are posted in mountain, desert, snow or remote areas. Now talking about the size, a mobile tent can be as small as just accomodating one sleeping person to allowing 5-7 people inside. It will take around 5-10 minutes to set up a mobile tent depending on its size. Various people who just need accommodation and not much luxury, opt for Mobile Tents. Also, it is easy to carry to different places due to the easy nature of portability. Some mobile Tents are foldable

Mobile Tent over other Tents
There are lots of type of tents in the market. Some are filled with loads of amenities while some are built for instant setup and removal. While you are out for a hardcore camping. Like, in some desert area, snowy area or somewhere in a mountain range. At these places, it is always beneficial to keep a Mobile Tent. A wise man should never carry loads of luggage with him while on a trek or going for camp in such remote areas. It is better to have a foldable tent wrapped or folded very well so that it will avoid over bulkiness and will provide a smooth tour. Huge tents on other hand have various parts which needed to be carried. Like for the structure, there must be bamboo/rod/pipe. Additionally, there must be strong and tough clothe (which will be the walls of the tent), Screws and Fastenings (for fixing the clothe and the structure well together), Strong tools for boring hole on the ground and lots of other stuff.
And, what do you need for a portable Mobile Tent?
Just fold it and take it with you, clean the floor and open it wherever you want and tada!!!
your shelter is prepared.
The best part is the accessibility which Mobile Tent provides you. Well, it is advised that you must follow your guide’s words but suppose if you want to set up a tent at a place from where the sun is visible. All of a sudden at night, you are feeling too cold due to the direction of the wind and you want to change the orientation of your tent. That’s when a Mobile tent comes to rescue. Also, if you are up for a long your, for example, suppose in Thar desert. Then you need to have a quick method for building and removal of tents to waste more time in it.

Some Interesting Camping Locations where it is better to use Mobile Tents.

Camping in Desert

The Thar desert in Rajasthan is one of the most visited places in India for people who want an adventure out of life. Be it, domestic Tourists or International tourists, everyone loves enjoying the scenic combo of sand and sky. Imagine in a night, when the starry sky is visible and you are sleeping under it. This is something very rare to experience and in remote areas, for Safari it is better to have a Mobile Tent.

Camping in Tropical Areas

The northeastern region of India is full of beautiful places and people love spending time there. Though, nobody wants to spend time in just a single place and wants to explore the complete during camping. Hence, for that, it is better to opt for Mobile Tents. Also, imagine your tiny tent jus besides a waterfall from where you can enjoy the view very well. Sound so soothing Right?

Camping or Trekking in Mountain Areas

Well, most of us want to spend some time on the lap of mountain ranges like Aravali, Sahyadri and the most famous Himalayas. Travelling to these places with the itinerary which is full of exploration requires so much mobility. For this, if your shelter eats up most of your time, when will you enjoy?
Hence, for this, it is very important to keep Mobile Tent with you. And what if you suddenly at Night you want to fix your tent a bit away from your snoring tour mates.

Overall, mobile Tents are a better method to have a compact and mobile shelter which can make your camping a smooth one.

Laying inception of your new life in the Golden City.
One of the happiest moments in any person’s life is the moment when they finally find that someone special with whom they will be spending their entire life together. That’s a very important milestone in anyone’s life after all. Well, it is practically said that marriage starts after all these rituals, but it starts the moment you agree for it. And definitely, there are all those pre-marriage rituals too. At that time, only everything is supposed to be started. After all, it’s the time when you should start building your memories which will be cherished for your whole life ahead.
What place on earth would be better to kick-start the journey of your life than in India?
Yes! Yes! India is very vast and there are lots of famous destinations in India for weddings and auspicious events.
But, what if you get to start your new life with the Golden purity of Jaisalmer? Yes, gold is pure and so is Jaisalmer’s Golden sand. It is no doubt the purest place on earth to lay the stepping stone of your new life in Rajasthan’s most visited place, especially for Safari.
Even for marriages, this place is not less than heaven surrounded with that shining sand from all sides. Let’s know how a “Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer” will look like for you.
At the end of this article, we have mentioned the best ideas for making your “Pre-wedding Jaisalmer” just like your dreams. So, stay tuned and drag your eyes throughout till the end.

1. Why only “Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer”? Why not some other city?
2. Jaisalmer Fort
3. Salim Singh Haveli
4. Gadsisar Lake
5. Sand Dunes
6. Nathmal ki Haveli
7. Best Ideas for Pre-Wedding

Why only Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer?
Why not some other city?

Yes, it’s better to start with this question because you must be wondering why only Jaisalmer. Is just because this place is under UNESCO’s world heritage tag? Well, this might be one of the reasons but isn’t the only reason at all. There are umpteen destinations throughout India where pre-wedding activities are carried out. But Jaisalmer has got upper hand just because of its unmatched beauty. It’s about the colour, Jaisalmer has got the best colour of sand on earth. The golden sand and those historical heritages can make every moment look so royal that it will take you back to the ancient time and will resemble the royal marriages which kings used to have with great pomp.

Let’s talk about the best places which can be included in your “Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer”.

Jaisalmer Fort
Be it pre-wedding event or any other tour to Jaisalmer, without visiting Jaisalmer Fort, it will be incomplete. This huge sandcastle will take you back to the Rajputana age. While having a pre-wedding shoot at this place it will become as a reminiscent of the Royal age. This huge architecture holds very unheard secrets and mysteries of the desert.

Salim-Singh Haveli
The way this beautiful architectural palace has been made is very breathtaking. This fort slopes very close to Jaisalmer Fort. With over 38 galleries in Salim-Singh Haveli, it will be a bonus if you get your Pre-Wedding covered here. The most amazing thing about this palace is its rooftop. It is designed in the shape of a peacock.

Gadsisar Lake
Water and desert, what else can be a better combination to add a serene touch to your Pre-Wedding life?
Jaisalmer’s Gadsisar Lake is a very romantic place for couples. The lake is always full of water coming from the Indira Gandhi Canal. At night, this place looks very beautiful with the dark reflection of water and golden sand.

Sand Dunes
Those very beautiful dunes which are about 42 kilometres away from the Fort City of Jaisalmer. With the clear blue sky and golden desert in the background, it will be a better colour contrast for photographs and will be a very good place to have some time away from the hustle-bustle of the main city.

Nathmal ki Haveli
This remarkable architecture which soaks the blend of Islamic and Rajput designs, Nathmal ki Haveli is a complete romantic and historical package for couples. On its 1st floor, it is said that there are paintings which are made from 1.5 kilograms of gold leaf. At this place, you can get lots of photographs captured and in a very Royal fashion. This will drag you and your better half to the older grand and royal days.

Now, as we have said above that we will be providing you with some really interesting ideas to make your Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer a dream like a moment. So, let’s get started-

Theme Parties
In Jaisalmer, there is the certainty of having a Royal Themed party.
But have you ever tried blending the Royal Theme to Modern Swag?
Yes, Royal-Swag fusion is something where the theme can be a mix of some royal decency and modern fun.

A Family Prom Night
If you are travelling to Jaisalmer for your Pre-Wedding you may travel with your family. It is better to wind up your entire family and join them in your fun by letting a prom night happen. Even you can modify the Prom with various themed dress codes.

A Bachelorette Night at Sand Dunes
The cool sand, open starry night, crescent moon, lip-smacking delicacies, complete dance and fun with your pals. A bachelorette on the golden sand, covered in the dark blue sky will take the experience at the next level. All those events which you would have organised in the city if organised at the dunes will hit differently and will be very unique and pleasing.

Overall, it is better to have all things set for Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer by consulting some good travel agency or some well known local person. Inviting glitches in your first ever life-event together will be a very upsetting thing. There are lots of planners and tourism experts who will help you throughout the entire preparations by their impeccable service.

You might have travelled at least once for some family picnic tour or excursion. Or, maybe you have travelled to a remote place for a tour with your friends. There are various options for lodging and boarding available. And, that matters a lot. Like, you will always love to stay at that place where everything is just unique and new. Isn’t it? See, hotel rooms are becoming quite common nowadays and camping is the new trend(though it was also trendy in old times). Now, you must be wondering why and how camping is better than Hotel Suites? Like, come on camping is done at those places where rooms are not available. But, my dear that’s not the case. Camping nowadays is not for only those places where hotel rooms can’t be made. Also, forget camping as an emergency service. It has the potential to be a safe and luxurious method like hotels too.

Now, which kind of tents are so luxurious that they are being compared with Hotel Suites?
How are they made?
How does the interior look like?
What is the credibility of having a safe stay in it?

Relax, my friend we’ll be decoding every other point of contention in your mind to make you aware of the golden opportunity you have been missing.

1. King of Luxurious Tents: The Swiss Luxurious Tent
2. How a Swiss Luxurious Tent looks like?
3. Best Camping Locations of Rajasthan where Swiss Luxurious Tents can feel like a dream.

King of Luxurious Tents: The Swiss Luxurious Tent

The name “Swiss” might have brought some foreign appeal to your mind. But without misleading you into something else and bragging with the name, let us tell you the truth. Swiss Luxurious Tents were made for VIPs and aristocrats with top-notch facilities and luxury provided. The tent material is easily made in India and they are prepared with utmost care to ensure your safety.
Swiss tents nowadays are best designed and provided for a stay in different famous tourist spots of Rajasthan. Also, it is available in some other famous tourist destinations of the country.

How a Swiss Luxurious Tent looks like?
A Swiss Luxurious Tent is not less than a very luxurious hotel suite provided to you. It will include a master bedroom, a courtyard and of course the much-needed washrooms.
Some, very luxurious features include an open kitchen, spa and other additional features. The interior is so designed that it will give you a complete suite-like experience. Walls of these tents are made so that they will ensure much safety. Also, there are curated windows in some tents to provide proper ventilation. The best part of these tents is that it can be formed anywhere on any surface on which you can make holes. Like, the flooring of your Swiss tent could be a lush green floor or it can be covered with carpets as well. The best part is the modification provided by some agencies. In some tents, you will be also provided with Jacuzzi and Spa. An open kitchen facility is also something which is provided by the agencies and people crave for it. Various resorts also have both the options like having a Tent as well as a room. But, trust me it is better to enjoy a unique and luxurious stay in Swiss Luxurious Tents rather than the room which you will get to live at other locations.

Best Camping Locations of Rajasthan where Swiss Luxurious Tents can feel like a dream

Rajasthan is no doubt the most beautiful place in India when it comes to Tours. The beautiful desert presents one of the best landscapes for you. For experiencing life in remote deserts of Rajasthan is a rare experience which one must gather. There are various locations stretched over entire Rajasthan where you can enjoy camping offered by some expert agencies.

Let us look at the best locations of Rajasthan where you can enjoy the facility of Swiss Luxurious Tents.

Camping Near Bikaner
You must have been watching scenic villages of Rajasthan in lots of movies or series. It is very rare to live in such villages where the outdoor experience is full of desert. Now, a well-raised Swiss Luxurious Tent at this location will be a great experience.
Enjoy the lifestyle of the Rajasthani tribes in Saranda while you are enjoying at this camp.

Night Camping at Ranthambore National Park
Living at a place which is surrounded by the wildlife of desert will be an awesome experience. This will be one of the most unexpected things in your life. While you will be staying in your safe Swiss Luxurious Tents in the night you might get to see some rarest species at night. Also, during the day you will be able to see some species which you haven’t seen ever. Also, during the day you can enjoy Safari to spot some rare birds of the desert. Camping amidst a hill range like Aravalli and waking up to the rising sun behind the hills is something which would fill your mind with positivity.
It is very much possible to raise a Swiss Luxurious Tent here with all the needed facilities. Utmost care is taken for the tourists and the tent is so well designed that it will take care of the heat and dryness of Rajasthan. So, without a point of contention, you can have a good experience here.

Night Camping in Udaipur
When you want to enjoy the most luxurious, royal and lavishing lifestyle amid the desert of Rajasthan then Udaipur is the best location. Here you can experience the life of Rajas and Maharajas with the same level of royalty they used to receive. The Swiss Luxurious Tents provide you with amenities which can fulfil the absence of modern-day technology and fill you with some very interesting experience. The delicacies and deserts presented in Royal style will add some great advantage to your trip. You can enjoy the trip to the desert with a Jeep to raise the adventure to the next level. Since Udaipur is one of the most visited locations of Rajasthan the facilities provided at the Swiss Luxurious Tents here are the best.

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